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 We have been awarded the Investing In Volunteers Award

Without the support of the volunteers who give up many hours to sort donations, help clients when they come in, and also get involved in other PATCH activities such as the Christmas Toy Appeal, PATCH would not be able to help the hundreds of people that it does.

When we were informed we had been successful, Chairman, Dennis O’Connor said “I am delighted at today’s announcement that PATCH Charity has been awarded the Investors in Volunteers standard”.

“The recognition that we have received is testimony to the dedication of our Coordinator, Trustees and Senior Volunteers to provide our volunteers with essential skills in order to support their commitment to relieving effects of poverty across our county and I would like to congratulate everyone involved in making this achievement possible”

Tracy Olin is extremely grateful for the great work of the volunteers, “PATCHites” are amazing, we couldn’t do this project without them” The awarding of the Investors in Volunteers standard recognizes the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in supporting and developing the people who are giving time to PATCH, many of whom have gone on to secure employment as a result of overcoming personal challenges through their time with PATCH.

Furthermore the award highlights the work that has been put in to ensure that PATCH is run to the highest standard possible, and is able to continue delivering help and support, to those most in need in Pembrokeshire.

We would like to thank South Hook LNG for funding the cost of the application of the award. We would have struggled without their support


“Fill You Boots”

Pembrokeshire is a beautiful place, full of wonderful sights, places to visit, things to do, food to eat. Many of us living here take it for granted, and of course many more come here to visit throughout the year.

For some however the story is quite different. There are people in the county without a roof over their heads, sleeping wherever they can find some shelter or ‘sofa-surfing’ as they bounce from one friend to another. There are others who may have a roof, but precious little else –  they may not have a cooker, or if they do , it’s hard to use a cooker when you can’t afford the power or gas to make it work.

PATCH, the Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship charity, has a scheme that offers help to these people, and perhaps peace of mind to those who want to help. The “Fill Your Boots” project is a simple and straightforward way to help provide a hot meal and drink for someone in need.

It works like this:

  •  Vouchers are available to purchase from PATCH (details below). Each voucher is valued at £1, and it is recommended that £5 worth will provide a sensible meal.
  • The person who has purchased the vouchers can give them to whoever they believe needs them, or request PATCH pass them on via their network
  • The recipient of the vouchers can exchange them in a participating café or restaurant for a hot meal and hot drink
  • The participating outlet sends the vouchers back to PATCH who then reimburse the food outlet for the value of the vouchers.

Simple really isn’t it?

To make the scheme a success, PATCH are looking to increase the number of participating outlets throughout the county where vouchers can be exchanged. They are also looking to increase awareness of the scheme locally, so if you are able to help, either by purchasing vouchers to give to someone who really needs them, or by accepting them in exchange for a hot meal, please get in touch with PATCH at the following address:

Fill Your Boots


Haven’s Head Business Park,
Milford Haven,
SA73 3LD or

call 01646 699275/07775571431 or


Toy poster

Our 5th Christmas Toy Appeal 2014

This years Toy Appeal was launched on the 17th October. The toy sorting  happened on December the 10th until December 13th. Yet again The Port of Milford haven have kindly donated premises. Frame delivered most of the parcels again this year and we gave to over 600 Children.

Thank you to all who donated gifts, chocolates wrapping paper and boxes.

Our 4th Christmas Toy Appeal 2013

We expected a huge increase in referrals this year. We ended up with the same amount as 2012, just over 500 children. Pembrokeshire Frame delivered these toy parcels to all over our County to 180 families

A quote from a grateful client.

“I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say a massive, huge and enormous thank you for the wonderful box of gifts for my children. I’ve spent this evening wrapping whilst they are out, and it’s an evening of mixed emotions if I’m honest. On the one hand, I feel hugely relieved that the children will have a fab selection of gifts on Christmas day, but on the other kind of sad that I’ve not been able to provide all of that, and still stupidly ‘guilty’ that I’ve ended up in a position where I’ve needed that kind of help. Yes I’m rambling a bit, sorry, I’m struggling a little this evening trying to fend off a low I don’t need in the run up to Christmas, and a load of other emotions that have been stirred up in the last couple of days..

Our 3rd Christmas Toy Appeal 2012

We launched our 3rd Toy Appeal on October 12th 2012.

This year we expected to help even more people than last year, because more people were aware of our appeal as well as the economic climate. We again are in awe of the amazing generosity of the people in Pembrokeshire. We managed to give gifts to 500 children. Pembrokeshire Frame delivered a vast majority of the Toy Parcels.

Our 2nd Christmas Toy Appeal 2011

2011’s toy appeal we gave 4- 5 toy/gifts to 360 children in the county of Pembrokeshire.
Here are just a few of the thank-yous we received…

Dear PATCH. I am one of the families who you have donated new toys to. I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart and that my children will have some new toys for Christmas! Just letting u know that u brightened up my day and most definitely my kids too. With gratitude, a mum

I want to tell you how grateful I am (and the kids would be if they knew) for your donations for Christmas – Please pass on my heartfelt thanks to everyone involved. I feel truly blessed.

Huge thanks for the presents to all concerned. Some lovely things in there. Something for everyone and more:-))

Our 1st Christmas Toy Appeal – 2010

In 2010, we launched our first first ever Christmas Toy Appeal, giving gifts to 260 children


Fruit and Vegetable Co-op

Every Wednesday we hold a Food Co-op.  Members of the public can buy excellent quality, fresh fruit and vegetables at £3 a bag. You come to our HQ in Milford Haven on a Wednesday between 10.30-1.30 to place your order and pay for the following week. you can order bas of Fruit, vegetables, salad or stir fry bags at £3 for each bag. You collect the following week and if you wish you can then re-order and pay for the following week. It is “pot luck” as we receive what ever is seasonal and economical.

This project is supported by the Port of Milford Haven

We are only able to run it because of the generosity of Kwick Save Charles St, Milford Haven


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