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Fighting Hunger and Hardship in Pembrokeshire

We are a charitable organisation aiming to relieve the effects of poverty for individuals and families within the county of Pembrokeshire.

Since June 2008 PATCH has been giving free food parcels, clothing and household items to those in a financial crisis in Pembrokeshire. We work closely with our referral agencies to help those that are experiencing hardship through perhaps a delay in benefits, fire, theft and escaping emergency situations.

PATCH has its roots in a similar charity in Southampton where one of our founders gained 8 years’ experience. The community of Pembrokeshire have embraced our project in an incredible way.

Pembrokeshire people helping their neighbour in need.

We have set up a Basics Bank to provide for each individual’s needs when in an emergency situation. We work only on a referral basis, with those in need referred to us from outside agencies such as Health Workers, Support Agencies, CAB, Social Services, and the like. These agencies have Basics Bank vouchers to give to their clients who are in an emergency situation. People find themselves in financial crises for many reasons, including losing employment, waiting for benefits, homelessness, fire or marriage breakdown.

When a referral agent issues a client with one of our vouchers, they can bring it in to any of the basics bank venues when they are open, to exchange it for up to 5 days of food for the people provided for on the voucher. This will be a mix of tins, packets and boxed food. All of the non-perishable food, clothing and other items are donated by very generous people, businesses, churches and schools from all over the county. In 2018 we gave food parcels to benefit 3578 people, clothing to over 230 people and small household items to over 394 people. We have seen a 25% rise in food parcels needed Jan 19- April 19 We also have buy accutane food parcels held all over our county in referral agency offices.

To buy the food that we give out it costs us approximately:

• £42.00 to buy 5 days of food for a family of 4 people

• £19.00 to buy 5 days of food for a single person.

We also hold an annual Christmas Toy Appeal where again through the generosity of the people in Pembrokeshire and with the help of Pure West Radio (Main Sponsor) Radio, we are able to give 4-5 new gender and age related gifts, with chocolates, art material and wrapping paper as well as a family interactive toy to each 0-17 year old referred. In 2019 we gave to around 950 Children and Pembrokeshire Frame delivered to 350 families.

PATCH also need financial donations for running cost, utilities, and volunteer expenses. Click here for more details of how you can donate.